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The SITIM Srl stems from a twenty-year experience in the metal industry sector of "Automotive".

SITIM Srl's philosophy has always been to create added value with new ideas and patents in different technologies and industries.

From 2012 to 2016 SITIM team invested in research and development for the design and realization of a complex and highly technological plant combining various technologies.

PVD / PECVD Chrome Plating process

  • Extremely small work cycles
  • Cleaning the product with cryogenic process
  • Application of Primer UV Medium / High Solid (Optional)
  • Flash off
  • UV Polymerization
  • Application of chromium or other metals or alloys by PVD process
  • Topcoat UV Application (optional)

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“Quality is never casual; it is always the result of an intelligent effort.” JOHN RUSKIN

Business objectives... safety at work

SITIM has a sound organizational structure with appropriate attribution of responsibilities. The functional chart highlights the various operating figures of the company, their tasks and the responsibilities of their offices.

technical support

Our experienced experts provide professional consulting service for our customers consistantly in PVD area.

...respect for the environment

SITIM has always focused on sustainable integration between industry and the environment. Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes for SITIM remains a prerogative of business policy. The S.I.T.I.M. quality system is certified by ACCREDIA according to the following standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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